Keisuke Inu - Your Future Economy

Your Future Economy.

Keisuke Inu ($KEI) is a deflationary community token that is a part of the "Super Pack", consisting of promising dog token projects including Hina Inu, Kuma Inu ($LEASH Developer), Fat Doge. The vision of the Super Pack is to bring all dog/inu/animal token communities as a partnered-unit that moves together, building innovative applications and providing a platform for like-minded individuals to share unique ideas that get executed.

We are one movement.

CONTRACT ADDRESS (ERC-20) 0xc0114f14638a333a4d5c3b04f09b96372348a842

The Keisuke INU Grow, KEI Strong!

Developing strong & secure partnerships with like-minded projects
Gamification Play-to-Earn implementation
Community focused, as the community & community growth is our primary asset
Joint NFT Marketplace with the Super Pack with a focus towards artist contests, meme contests and such related activities
Wallet to track KEI chart performance

Our Features.

Rewards + Burn

With every buy/sell transaction, 2% of the transaction value will be distributed to all holders and burn address automatically and in real-time. Holders will be rewarded as they hold and circulating supply will decrease over time, increasing the value of the token.

Community Token

Keisuke Inu is 100% community-driven and there is no team wallet. The team is made up of holders from the community, who will always put the community’s best interest at heart.

100% Safe & Rug-Proof

We have renounced ownership of the contract and burned LP tokens. That means no one owns the contract and LP is locked forever. Most of the holders also own less than 1% of the total supply. There is no way anyone can rug pull the token.

Token Symbol
Tax Redistribution
100 Quad
Total Supply
42 Quad
Circulating Supply
58 Quad

Our Journey.

Come Join Us.

Be a part of the first biggest INU community and ecosystem! There is a tireless effort being put on behind the scenes and we encourage everyone to join and be a part of the community!

How to Buy KEISUKE Tokens?

Super Pack Partnership.

Want to Donate Us?

As a 100% community-driven project, KEI runs thanks to its amazing volunteers, community and generous donors.

If you would like to help us grow this project, use the official ERC20 donation wallet here:


Accepted: Any ERC20 token
Preferred: $ETH, $USDC, $KEI

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